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Barbados Real Estate

Learn about Barbados real estate and view property listings by real estate agents, brokers, for rent or sale by owner.
Barbados real estate is enjoying a thriving market with many residential and commercial properties available for purchase and rent.

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Real estate in Barbados is a complex topic, with many areas to investigate and this website offers as much information on the subject as possible to help you find the perfect property in Barbados to suit your requirements.

Are you looking for an office to rent in Barbados? Then check out the commercial property section.

Are you looking for Barbados land for sale? Then see our article on Barbados realtors.

Do you want to buy property in Barbados? We have Barbados villas as well as a great selection of Barbados Crane Beach Resort timeshares for sale. Maybe you want to know about Barbados villa rentals? In all cases we try to provide all of the information you need. Check out our Barbados Real Estate listings.

Under the residential section, we have two categories; one topic covers Barbados rentals and the other topic covers Barbados property for sale. We have also outlined some comparisons of buying Barbados properties versus Barbados rental property for you to evaluate.

The Barbados residential section also explores the types of residential property available such as villas, houses, apartments, townhouses, guest houses and condominiums.

In the rental section you will find topics covering Barbados long-term rentals, short-term rentals for your vacations, Barbados investment rental opportunities, and a list of real estate agents and brokers. There are also quite a few all-inclusive Barbados resorts on the island.

In the residential sales section you will find an extensive range of topics and information that pertains to both purchasers and sellers of Barbados real estate.

If you are an overseas investor the process of relocating to Barbados can be a daunting prospect, however we hope the topics covered in this section will give you all the information needed and answers some of your questions. If you are already living in Barbados, you may be thinking about buying property in which case you need to know about mortgages in Barbados, payment calculations, types of loans, interest rates, and down payment requirements.

For those individuals contemplating buying Barbados property, the appeal of real estate on this Caribbean island is the island is currently geared for building new homes. You will find information on the benefits of building your own home or property compared to buying a previously owned home or property.

The residential sales section also looks at market statistics, how to get your finances in order, calculating the amount of what you can afford to buy and repay each month, and how to make an offer on a property.

Purchasing of land or property in Barbados requires you to employ the services of an attorney to guide you through the process of getting a home inspection conducted and who will eventually obtain the title report when the sale of the property is completed. They will also advise you of the costs and taxes payable at the time of closing.

If you are financing your purchase with a mortgage the bank will insist you take out a building insurance policy and life insurance policy for all persons named on the mortgage.

For purchasers we have also explored the area of repairs and renovations costs, and making your offer based on these costs.

For sellers we have covered prelisting and seller's inspection, best seasons for selling, preparing your house for sale, list price vs. sales price, listing agreements, getting an offer, negotiations, counter offers, buyer motivations, lowball bids, open houses, showing your home and how to deal with the stress of buying and selling a property at the same time.

In the commercial real estate section of the website you will find details on office space to rent, office buildings to buy, and commercial land that is for sale. Whatever your interest in Barbados real estate, you will find some of the information concerning the real estate laws in Barbados and some key points covering Barbados real estate sales.

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