Three Houses Meadows, Lot 5 - for sale in Barbados for $270,000 BBD


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This lot is one of a small sub-division of 7 large residential lots located at Three Houses Meadows, St. Philip.

Also available:

Lot 1:  36,680 sq. ft. Price:BDS$450,000.00 (includes a garage) 

Lot 2:  33,516 sq. ft. Price:BDS$550,000.00 (includes a large derelict house) 

Lot 3:  30,112 sq. ft. Price:BDS$300,000.00

Lot 4:  30,082 sq. ft. Price:BDS$300,000.00

AddressThree Houses
ParishSt. Philip
Sale Price (in BDS $) $270,000

Plot and Build Dimensions

Lot Size24029


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