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About Totally Barbados Real Estate (TBRE)

Totally Barbados Real Estate - Property Specialists are one of the leading real estate listings services in Barbados. Established in 2008, Totally Barbados Real Estate (TBRE) is a sister company of Totally Barbados, a leading travel and tourism destination website for the island of Barbados.

TBRE can help you search for and find all types of property to buy, rent and sell in Barbados. Search for luxury villa rentals, apartments and guest houses for either residential or commercial real estate investment on the island of Barbados. Find real estate agents and brokers and view multiple property listings for buying, renting or selling real estate property in Barbados.


Are you a first time buyer and looking to purchase your a home? If so, you will find it very easy to browse all types of property for sale in Barbados with hundreds of property listings to choose from. Within our listings you will find all types of houses, including town and guest houses to purchase. Select from luxury villas and apartments for commercial or residential real estate; or invest in your own piece of land for long term investments. 


Are you looking for a holiday or vacation rental for your next stay in Barbados? Available within our listings you will find both long and short term rentals for business or personal use. Choose from available condos and apartments, or even old plantation houses for you to live, work and rent.


TBRE can help you research multiple options and prices for you to list and sell your house, apartment or villa for you. Over the years, many real estate agencies find and source property from our listings for prospective buyers.

Having your property for sale on our site, will 

Totally Barbados Real Estate hopes to continue to provide this unique service to Barbados for both locals and overseas Real Estate investors.