Barbados Chattel House Rentals

A traditional house in Barbados is often referred to as a Chattel House, which is usually made of wood. These properties can be quite small but make an excellent rental choice for a single person or couple interested in renting accommodations in Barbados.

Chattel Houses are one of the lowest cost types of housing available in Barbados and often rental rates are as little as $600 Barbados dollars per month for a two bedroom house.

These houses are often constructed on small pieces of land and typically offer very small garden spaces along with close proximity to your neighbors. For $600 Barbados dollars a month, you would typically get a lounge and dining area, a kitchen area, and two bedrooms. The bathroom and kitchen may have been later additions to the original structure and you may find that these have been built from concrete, instead of wood as the main house.

If you are interested in renting one these traditional Barbadian homes, you will need to contact the owners from the Totally Barbados Real Estate listing or look in one of the Barbados newspapers and view the property contact information and property amenities.