Barbados Restaurant Rentals

Operating a restaurant in Barbados is often a sound business option as the island enjoys a constant flow of tourists throughout the year and local Barbadians enjoy eating out on a regular basis.

You may want to rent a restaurant in a good location that is already equipped with the catering supplies such as tables, chairs, crockery and cutlery. You may rent a property fitted out as a restaurant and then pay an extra fee to actually buy all of the existing equipment.

The restaurant rental property market starts with prices as low as $4,000 Barbados dollars per month for a high visibility location on the south coast.

A restaurant in Bridgetown can be leased for approximately $4,500 Barbados dollars per month and includes a property already fitted with a bar, dining area, kitchen and up to 4 restrooms for public use.

One of the busiest areas in Bridgetown for the restaurant trade is Broad Street and a small restaurant there would typically rent for $5,000 Barbados dollars per month or more.

One of the best locations for a restaurant is on St. Lawrence Gap, which is a hive of tourist activity as many hotels, bars, and nightclubs are situated within this stretch. A restaurant in this location would typically rent for approximately $12,000 Barbados dollars per month because of the areas popularity.

There are very few restaurants available to rent in Barbados, as it is quite a lucrative business. You may have to be patient waiting for the right location and property to come on the market.

You can always look at other commercial spaces to rent with a plan to refit the property yourself, however you would need to apply to Town & Country Planning in advance to ensure you can get approval to change the current commercial use of the property.

Opening a restaurant business in Barbados also requires the building complies with local Health and Safety laws.