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Barbados Land Sales

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Adams Castle Estate, 57A

Adams Castle Estate, 57A Christ Church

Welcome to Barbados' newest, most conveniently located and accessible Residential... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $140,000  ($ US)   $70,000
Bow Bells Estates

Bow Bells Estates Christ Church

Bow Bells Estates is a new and impressive development located on a ridge on the southern tip of... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $212,300  ($ US)   $106,150
Atlantic Shores, Reef Row

Atlantic Shores, Reef Row Christ Church

Lovely residential lot located in a quiet and peaceful location in the much sought after Atlantic... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $300,000
Hope Plantation

Hope Plantation St. George

2.183 acre lot located in Hope Plantation, St. George. Offers lovely far-reaching views.... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $850,000
Plover Court

Plover Court Christ Church

Large residential lot available in Plover Court, Christ Church. Walking distance to... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $300,000
New Castle

New Castle St. John

Lovely residential lot located on the east coast of the island in New Castle, St. John.... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $450,000
Mount Pleasant Ridge Road

Mount Pleasant Ridge Road St. Philip

Gorgeous plot of flat land tucked away in Mount Pleasant Ridge in the increasingly popular parish... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $200,000  ($ US)   $100,000
Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant St. Philip

Tucked away in the residential development of Mount Pleasant in the parish of St. Philip is... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $215,000  ($ US)   $107,500
Goodland Gardens

Goodland Gardens Christ Church

Vacant lot located in residential... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $125,000

Cattlewash St. Joseph

This lovely sloping corner lot is situated in a tranquil and breezy location in the... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $490,000

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