Barbados Villa Sales

There are many beautiful villas for sale in Barbados, and you will find the prices very reasonable taking into account the location and the luxury available.

Barbados Villa Sales Listings

The majority of luxury villas for sale in Barbados are typically located on the west coast of Barbados; however there are some tucked away in the parishes of St. Peter, St. George and Christ Church.

When you purchase a luxury villa you will often have the option of buying the property furnished or unfurnished. This is because villas are often purchased as second or holiday homes and when they are sold the current owner has no requirement for the fixtures and fittings.

You will often find these villas are decorated to a high standard with exquisite interior design and the finest soft furnishings. Professional interior designers have designed many of these properties and often the furniture has been imported.

If you are purchasing a villa in Barbados as an investment opportunity, you will find that real estate agents and brokers manage many of the villas. If you will be renting your villa to others, you will want to discuss this with your real estate agent at the time of purchase.

These properties many times have several staff members. Often a maid who visits daily or a couple times a week to keep the villa clean and in order. A full time housekeeper/manager or property management company who sees to the day-to-day running of the property and will manage the staff, oversee maintenance of the property, and ensure everything is in place for guests. There may also be a gardener for the property and sometimes security staff as well. If the property has a swimming pool there will probably be a pool maintenance person on staff as well.

In a luxury villa you will usually find there is a bathroom for each bedroom, and separate accommodation for staff. Villas concentrate on large living spaces with plenty of room for entertaining. You will often find a lounge and dining room on the inside of the property and large outside patio areas with dining and lounge areas around the pool.

Buying a luxury villa in Barbados is ideal if you are retired and would like somewhere warm and sunny to enjoy the winter months. They make a good holiday and/or vacation home if you have a family. However, if you are looking to live in a villa full time they are often not an ideal setting to raise a family.

Villas are usually limited to 4 bedrooms, but you can find villas with more than four bedrooms if you shop around. You will need to enlist the help of a real estate agent as villas with more than four bedrooms are typically not as common.

Barbados villas range in price from around $1 to $8 million Barbados dollars and are dependent upon the parish location and villa amenities.

You can buy a really spectacular property somewhere in the middle of these price ranges and for approximately $4 million Barbados dollars you can typically find a fully furnished villa with 4 bedrooms, a pool, and a 2 bed guest or staff cottage.

The best way to find your dream villa is to employ the services of a real estate agent and convey the number of bedrooms you require, your budget, and your preferred parish or location setting on the island of Barbados. They will be able to match your requirements and budget to those villas currently available on the market.