Barbados Town House Sales

There are some beautiful new developments of townhouses for sale in Barbados. If a house plan is laid out over two or more floors, it is often defined as a townhouse and can provide excellent living space for a family.

Barbados Town House Sales Listings

There are townhouses in Barbados to buy priced from $425,000 Barbados dollars up to approximately $8.5 million Barbados dollars depending on the location and type of property.

At the lower end of the market, a purchase price of $425,000 BDS would often be a newly built town house with two bedrooms. The living accommodations would be downstairs on the first floor with a cloakroom and kitchen. The bedrooms and full bathroom would typically be upstairs on the second floor.

For newly built townhouses in this price range, you can expect a good quality fitted kitchen complete with all appliances including stove, fridge and washing machine.

If you need another bedroom, the starting price for a similar appointed three bedroom townhouse jumps up to $650,000 Barbados dollars. For this price, you can expect a high quality finish on fixtures and fittings in the main bathroom, en suite bathroom and cloakroom. You can also expect high-end counter tops and cupboards in the kitchen along with air conditioning in all the bedrooms.

If you are looking for a 4-bedroom townhouse, the price takes another jump up to approximately $975,000 Barbados dollars. You can expect this property to be quite large with about 2400 square foot of living space. A newly built 4-bedroom townhouse typically has the lounge, dining room, shower room, utility room, garage and patio on all the ground floor. Upstairs you would usually find a main family bathroom, 3 bedrooms, a master bedroom with an en suite bathroom, and often a large sun deck.

These types of properties often benefit from being in a gated community for added security. There is also likely to be the option of a swimming pool. The tiles throughout the house will often be made of porcelain for extra coolness and there will be air conditioning in all rooms. There will be a minimum of 3 bathrooms and the kitchen would be a well-known designer brand.

A 5-bedroom townhouse typically starts at approximately $1.8 million Barbados dollars and a 6-bedroom townhouse could set you back between $1.9 million Barbados dollars to $3.5 million Barbados dollars depending on the area.

Once you have gone over the $1 million Barbados dollars, the property size can vary between three bedrooms to six-bedrooms and now it is the difference of the square footage of living area and the quality and types of amenities included for the price. Some townhouses are located in developments with swimming pools and tennis courts. Again, it depends on what you are prepared to spend and where on the island you would like to be located. These properties would also come with air conditioning in every room and en suite to all bedrooms.

When looking for the right townhouse to suit you, browse our directory for Town Houses for Sale listings or contact a Real Estate Agent in Barbados and share your budget and requirements with them. They can find you the property that meets your requirements in the location you desire.