Barbados Commercial Real Estate Sales

There are many commercial investment opportunities in Barbados with office space, shops, and commercial land for sale at very reasonable prices.


Barbados Commercial Sales Listings

This makes Barbados a good choice for relocating your company's operations along with the many offshore tax benefits. This is helping to make Barbados a viable commercial centre for many organizations.

If you are interested in buying office space in Barbados, you will find prices start at approximately $750,000 Barbados dollars for approximately 4,000 square foot of office space and up to $40 million Barbados dollars for a 50,000 square foot development. Like most commercial real estate in Barbados, there is no average cost per square foot as it is priced for its location and nearby amenities.

If you are looking for retail property to buy, you can often buy a shop of about 4,000 square foot for around $275,000 Barbados dollars and up to $15 million Barbados dollars for a 10,000 square foot retail development. Again location is key especially for retail property and the buyer can expect to pay a premium for good shopping/retail locations such as Broad Street in Bridgetown.

Warehouses sell from $1.5 million Barbados dollars for a 3,500 square foot property up to $12 million Barbados dollars for an 183,000 square foot development. Given these competitive purchase prices and the availability of lower labor costs, Barbados can offer an ideal business opportunity for the manufacturing sector.

It may actually be more cost effective to look at different types of commercial property and plan for a change of use, for example perhaps you would like to buy a restaurant, therefore you might find a shop for sale in a prime location, which would be cheaper to buy than a restaurant in the same area.

As long as the property is already designated as commercial property, you simply have to apply for a change in use. It is much more difficult to purchase a residential property and obtain a change of use to commercial.

When looking for commercial real estate, simply browse our commercial listings for sale or there are a number of good real estate agents that can guide you on your search. Please see our listings of real estate agents in Barbados.