Barbados Guest House Rentals

If you are looking to visit Barbados on holiday or vacation, but are unsure whether you want a self-catering accommodation or a hotel, then why not consider the option of staying in a Barbados guesthouse.

The advantage of renting a room in a guesthouse is you have the flexibility of self-catering, but also the option of using the guesthouse to prepare your meals for you, so you get the best of both worlds.

The majority of guesthouses in Barbados offer a small kitchen facility within your room, often with a toaster, microwave, and also tea and coffee making facilities. Some offer a fully fitted kitchen complete with a stove, fridge, and all crockery and cutlery.

Often you may have use of amenities such as a washing machine and tumble dryer. If you are feeling in a "hotel mood", you can use the guesthouse restaurant when available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guesthouses in Barbados normally include full maid service allowing you to relax without the cares of house keeping.

Rates for staying in a Barbados guesthouse are somewhere between a self-catering apartment and a hotel. You can expect to pay approximately $60US per night for single occupancy or $80 US per night for a double room.

The beauty of choosing to rent a room in a guesthouse is the intimacy; they are usually quite small ranging from approximately 4 guest rooms up to about 10 guest rooms. This means you may get to know the owners and other guests quite well as there are only a few people staying there.

Guest houses are a great place to stay if you have never been to Barbados, as the owners are often excellent tour guides, advising you of all the places to visit and instructing you to their locations. Most people find that once they have stayed in a guesthouse in Barbados, they will return year after year as lasting friendships are often formed both with the people and the island.

You will find there are a number of guesthouses in Barbados to choose from, and they can vary in appearance and amenities. Some are converted old Barbadian homes, while others are newer and purposely built for use as a guesthouse. You can also find guesthouses in some of the most popular parishes including St. Philip, Christ Church, St. Michael and St. James.

If you are unsure of which parish to stay while in Barbados, you can visit, click on 'About Barbados' and read up on each parish to decide which parish would best meet the needs of you and your group.