Barbados Long Term Rentals

There are a number of Barbados long-term rentals available, which are very reasonably priced when compared to Barbados accommodation short-term rental properties.

Barbados Long Term Rental Listings

Depending on the area you choose to rent, you will find prices vary according to location and parish. If you would like to rent a Barbados beachfront property this will cost more than a property located inland.

Long-term rentals can often be found furnished or unfurnished. Unfurnished properties are usually slightly less expensive than furnished property rentals.

In terms of price, Barbados apartments and chattel houses can be rented for as little as $350 US per month. This accommodation would typically be a basic unfurnished rental. You as the tenant would usually be responsible for all utilities such as water, electricity, telephone, and natural gas.

The great thing about renting unfurnished properties in Barbados is you can furnish it quite easily from garage sales available throughout the island. There are always people coming and going and often sell their entire home with furnishings rather than pay shipping costs from Barbados for their belongings.

This means you can often get very high quality or nearly new items at a fraction of their value when purchased new. These sales are advertised in the local Barbados newspapers and also with "garage sale" signs at the location.

For a larger three-bedroom apartment, you can typically expect to pay from $500 - $750 US per month, again this would be for an unfurnished apartment. Another option is to rent a condominium, which would be within a complex with communal laundry facilities and swimming pool; these are usually priced from $1,000 US to $1,500 US per month.

Long-term rental prices are less expensive on the east coast of the island, with prices rising slightly on the south coast, and the most expensive properties generally located on the west coast.

If you are interested in renting a home in Barbados, a family house is another viable option. There are usually some really spacious properties on the market with spacious gardens and plenty of indoor and outdoor living space. A 3-bedroom house typically rents from $1,250 US per month and a 4-bedroom house starts at approximately $1500 US per month. Five-bedroom houses are typically available starting at approximately $2,000 US per month and would be for an unfurnished property with the tenant being responsible for the utility bills and gardening.

The price increases considerably for furnished houses and you can expect starting prices to be approximately $1,500 US per month for a 3-bedroom house, $1,750 US per month for a 4-bedroom house, and $2,000 US for a 5-bedroom house.

On the west coast, these costs typically increase with starting prices for a 3-bedroom house at $3,000 US per month, a 4-bedroom house from $3,500 US per month, and a 5-bedroom house from $3,750 US per month.

Another important aspect to consider when renting a long-term property is transport and whether or not you will have a vehicle at your disposal. If not, you need to look for a property close to a bus route. If you have children, you may want to find a property close to the school your children will be attending. School in Barbados starts at 8am and the traffic can be quite heavy at times.