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Fort George Heights

Fort George Heights St. Michael

19000 square feet of the best of the remaining lots at Fort George Heights. Asking Price $37.00 per... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $703,000
Fort George Heights

Fort George Heights St. Michael

This property is on a very high... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $949,000
Cheapside, Bridgetown

Cheapside, Bridgetown St. Michael

This is a very large two storey building in Cheapside, Bridgetwon, which is currently being... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $950,000
Roebuck St. Bridgetown

Roebuck St. Bridgetown St. Michael

First floor stands office space consists of 800 square feet. There are two toilets, a kitchen... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $720,000
Water Hall, St. James

Water Hall, St. James St. James

... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $240,000
Bagatelle Yard, St. Thomas

Bagatelle Yard, St. Thomas St. Thomas

These are five lots with the following sizes in square metres. Lot 1 1514.2 square metres. Lot 2... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $1,000,000
Crystal Heights

Crystal Heights St. Michael

Please call (246) 425-0822 for... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $250,000

Maxwell Christ Church

This property consists of 3 one bedroom, one bathrooms units. Please call for more details to... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $800,000
Fairview Heights

Fairview Heights St. George

... More Info

 ($ BDS)   $890  ($ US)   $445
John Plain

John Plain St. James

Unfurnished tropical-styled 3 Bedroom residence with ensuite upper level bedroom with bathroom that... More Info

 ($ US)   $5,000

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